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Hum KalaChaar - 4 souls who believe that there is art in everything around us. We have presented our original work on Photography, Food, Writing, Sketching and Craft, which is inspired by our experiences. We are siblings and all of our hearts and brains combined is what is "Hum Kalachaar".


We love photography, travelling and capturing our experiences.


Also we are big time foodies, love to cook and experiment with food, trying out different ways to prepare and present it.


Sometimes the writer inside us awakens when some experiences hit us deep, the only way to express those feelings is through our words.


We try to recreate our imagination through our craft work.


We have been collectors since childhood from tazo, wwe cards, pokemon cards, keychains, toys, GI joes to a die cast collector now. The 90's kids can relate to this pretty well. This used to be so fun and still is.

So dive into the creative world of us "Kalachaars" and it would be great to have your feedback about our work.

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